Oil & Gas

We have spent several years developing relationships and creating quality products for the Oil & Gas industry. Our efficiency tools that improve the quality and reduce the time to produce systems has been a great benefit to our customers.


We have developed products for the Water and Waste Water industry that have proven very successful. We have identified Operator needs and customized front end software to give them exactly what they need and nothing that they don't. Our tools allow the system to collect all of the plant data and report that data in useable user friendly ways.

Our Services

System Integration

We have taken the traditional system integration approach and modified it in ways that allow us to pull your systems together in a more efficient manner. What that means for you is reduced construction time, better performance, and more accurate metrics.

We work with you as our customer as well as the device manufacturer to create an integration package that will consistently work for you. We specialize in hard to integrate components.

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Not only do we work with your system to automate it. We also strive to automate as many processes throughout the project as possible. We have developed tools that allow us to improve the speed and accuracy of the information that we generate.

Software Design

We have found that many of our customers have routine tasks that are often cumbersome and tedious. These tasks cost employee time and effort. We take these tasks and create software to do them for you. Our tools can replicate a great deal of the work that an employee might normally do. This can free up that employee to work on more productive activities and improve you entire plant performance.

Engineering Design

Our people are well trained in many Engineering fields. We have developed engineering design plans for electrical systems, network systems, equipment, instrumentation, and business systems. We provide you with top quality designs.

Troubleshooting & Support

Not only do we provide top quality support for our own systems, we also provide it for other systems. We are able to do work on, troubleshoot, and support any system developed by any manufacturer. We have many years of experience with all varieties of equipment and can provide the same level of support for this equipment that we would if it were our own.


When you already have a developer in mind or you just need some assistance finding your next move, we can provide you with the consulting you need to move forward. We can help you make the choices you need to make to move you project in the right direction. We can work with your contractors to get what you need for your product.


Pharmaceutical manufacturing requires a level of high precision, clarity, and record keeping that we have adopted throughout all of our projects. Maintaining this method for system development, qualification, and documentation has helped us to produce the best product for our customers.


Packaging and other robotic machines require a different method of software development. These types of systems are concerned with timing of units and speed of Controller. We have created software that allows these machines to have independent sub-systems. This modularized design method allows us to plug and play parts for machines.